Elderberry Sea Moss Gel

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  • Elderberry contains zinc and antioxidants, including vitamin C and anthocyanin (a flavonoid found in blue and purple fruits and berries), known for their ability to boost immune function and inhibit cold and flu
  • Sea Moss contains 92 out of the body’s 102 minerals
  • Can help to remove Mucus from the Body
  • Great for Sexual Health – a Natural Aphrodisiac – Rich in Zinc, Vitamin E & Folate for Sperm Production
  • Good for Thyroid Health – Balancing Hormones
  • Helps with Skin conditions – High in Sulphur so great for face masks
  • Good for Digestion
  • High in Iodine – which is said to help prevent radiation poisoning
  • Joint & Bone Health – High in Omega-3, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin-K
  • Good for the Blood/Anemia- High in Iron 
  • Can help with Colds & Coughs – Vitamin C
  • Powerful Anti-Inflammatory 
  • Mood/Mental Health Booster – Due to Potassium content which helps to maintain healthy Mental & Emotional Function
  • Weight Loss – due to Sea Moss ability to absorb moisture to create a feeling of fullness

Ingredients: Sea moss, Spring water, Elderberry syrup (raw organic elderberry, spring water, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, honey)